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August 2022


INTERLINK Exhibitions bring to Brazil the HYDROGEN EXPO SOUTH AMERICA event, with the strategic partnership of AHK Rio, Chamber Commerce and Industry Brazil – Germany of Rio de Janeiro.

HYDROGEN EXPO SOUTH AMERICA, an international fair for suppliers of Technologies, materials, components and solutions for the hydrogen production chain, fuel cells and  decarbonization, will take place on June 21 and 22, 2023 at the Expo Mag Exhibition Centre, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

This concept that already exists in other countries, with important events happening around the world, arrives in Brazil with the focus on the South American market, bringing the technologies and solutions for the hydrogen production chain and its applications as the central theme.

HYDROGEN EXPO SOUTH AMERICA will be composed of a business fair and technical congress, dedicated exclusively to discussing the development of new solutions for prodution, efficient storage, distribution and its applications, for the most diverse industries, presenting new technologies and equipment of national and international companies

“We are totally aligned with the latest world developments for the energy sector, principally with respect to the production of clean and renewable energy.

Today, hydrogen is the world’s biggest bet for more sustainable industrial production and Brazil can be the largest producer of green hydrogen in the world.”, commented Cassiano Facchinetti, Managing Director and Co-founder of INTERLINK Exhibitions. “Our role will be to promote companies and their technologies, foster the development of the sector and generate business for companies, in an event exclusively about the theme.”, he added.

The event will count on the Strategic Partnership of AHK Rio, which will actively participate in the development of the event, as it has extensive know-how in the energy sector, specifically in the hydrogen sector. In addition to organizing the German Pavilion, it will also work on the development of the content that will be presented at the Technical Conference.

“After 3 years working with green hydrogen in Brazil, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Germany of Rio de Janeiro (AHK Rio) have become protagonists on the theme. Events such as the HYDROGEN EXPO SOUTH AMERICA, which bring together all Stakeholders throughout the hydrogen value chain, are extremely necessary to help Brazil in its energy transition process and to position the country internationally as a strategic partner for green hydrogen. We are very happy for this meeting with INTERLINK Exhibitions, an international partner with a lot of experience, and for the opportunity to organize together this event of great national and international reach, and for bringing the H2_HYDROGEN EXPO to Rio de Janeiro, a city that has a lot to contribute to this theme.”, commented Mr. Ansgar Pinkowski, Innovation and Sustainability Manager at AHK Rio, and who will be the President of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the event.

At the same time of the trade fair, a high-level Technical Conference, developed in partnership with the Technical-Scientific Committee and industry experts, will present the latest themes on hydrogen production, fuel cells and decarbonization. Experts from different sectors, government authorities, academics and influencers from Brazil and abroad will discuss innovation, new opportunities, public policies and much more.

“We are very happy to bring a new model of fairs to Brazil, with the launch of an innovative and highly successful international event for the sustainable energy sector, with the focus on the South American market”, concluded Joris van Wijk, Managing Partner and Co-founder of INTERLINK Exhibitions.

HYDROGEN EXPO South America will take place at the Expo Mag Exhibition Centre in Rio de Janeiro, a traditional destination for major events for the energy, oil and gas sector, in addition to being an international destination for exhibitors and visitors from abroad.

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About INTERLINLK Exhibitions:

The company INTERLINK Exhibitions, which debuts in the market with this great launch, is the newest player in the fairs and events sector, which brings together old and well-known names of this sector as its co-founders: Cassiano Facchinetti and Joris van Wijk.

Joris van Wijk, one of the most well-known and respected entrepreneurs in the fair sector in Brazil and the world, with over 25 years of experience, returns to the market after a sabbatical, joining Cassiano Facchinetti, who led large multinationals in the fairs sector for the last 17 years, and now as an entrepreneur and partner in this project.

The company, which is headquartered in Alphaville, São Paulo, will launch high-level fairs, focusing on networking, business generation and sustainable growth of companies and markets, operating as a genuine industry partner for multiple markets.

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About AHK Rio:

The Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro is part of the worldwide network of German chambers, made up of more than 140 offices in more than 92 countries.

Since 1916, we have been promoting business between Brazil and Germany, whether through technology transfer, increased exports and imports, as well as investments in professional education. When looking for business partners in the German market, discovering new technologies and products, visiting fairs and events, count on our experience and competence.

Our main objective is to bring together representatives from a wide variety of industries and support the entry of Brazilian companies interested in the German market, as well as German companies interested in the Brazilian market.

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Cristiane Gomes

Marketing Coordinator


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